I Blame Klopp

I Blame Klopp

Deflated. Like a sugar high that suddenly disappeared and the child is lethargic. No more laughs. Tantrums are thrown without actually knowing why that high disappeared. That’s how it felt for me after the 2nd goal was slotted in between Mignolet’s legs and Hull City ran away with the 3 points.

I was distraught. That happens when you harbour so much of hope about five weeks back. So much hope of challenging for the title until the very end because we looked the deal. We really looked like the dog’s bollocks, our attack striking fear and our play so feverishly addictive. I was so cock sure we would finally announce our arrival as a challenger for many a season to come, this season being a warning shot. And then, when unraveled, that hope which was so strong and solid, fell down to the ground clumsily and painfully, almost as comical as a Charlie Chaplin stunt.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the challenge is limp as a flaccid penis now. And we don’t live in the realms of Hollywood nor Bollywood where miracles happen and every other club fucks up in the next few weeks for us to make up ground. We don’t. Full stop.

And protocol insists that we must begin the blame game. Some of us had begun way before the collapse yesterday. Take your pick. Klopp? FSG? Individual players? The FA?

Personally, I put all blame on Klopp. No two ways about it. I don’t blame him for his selections. I don’t blame him for his tactics. Nor his in game management. Nor his treatment of players while instilling his team ethos. Nope, none of that is to be blamed. But I bloody blame him for making me believe and hope again. He made us all think it was possible to challenge for the title by building on potential, by drilling intelligence into players that weren’t very intelligent in the first place. He made us believe buying new and better players wasn’t the only way to Utopia. But evidently that belief has taken a huge dent yesterday. Massive dent. It shouldn’t have because the first half of the season wasn’t a fluke and he’s earned that right to make us believe. Still, you’re only as good a manager as your last game. That’s the reality today. Fickle. Black and white. No grey areas. Pendulum with peaks and valleys.

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