Liverpool – Klopp Brain Freeze moments stacking up

Liverpool - Klopp Brain Freeze moments stacking up

On a night when the football world was hoping Liverpool would thrash Leicester as punishment for sacking one of the last few gentlemen in the game, Claudio Ranieri, it was typical that Liverpool would  capitulate into what has become their standard state of mediocrity in 2017. The spurs blitz a fortnight ago just an anomaly amidst a myriad of lacklustre performances.

It had been 16 days since Liverpool’s last match, so the excuse of fatigue could not be used at all. Leicester players alleged dressing room mutiny had made global headlines, they were under the microscope and eyes of the world to play out of their skins to prove that they were right in doing so.  And they must’ve been further bolstered when there saw Lucas Leiva’s name appear on the team sheet. Managers are often judged by their brain freeze moments, e.g. Rafa Benitez trying to get rid of Xabi Alonso and attempting to replace him with Gareth Barry a point remembering.

Jurgen Klopp’s brain freeze moments are now stacking up, and despite the Anfield faithful’s unwavering support for the german, they just can’t simply be ignored. The Mamadou Sakho saga is one that could’ve been handled better. Sergio Aguero and Pep Guardiola have fought and made up, Conte and Costa too have fought and made up, which ultimately was for the greater benefit of the team. The Big frenchmen apologized, it was not accepted and the rest is history. Now Klopp picks Lucas Leiva in defence, who was so slow last night it is beyond all logic and comprehension how he even gets into the squad, let alone team. Loyalty aside, he just isn’t good enough. Some would say he never was, but somehow managed to survive for 10 years just for being a nice guy who most managers became friends with. Oh and lets not forget the 7 second “Unlucky” Vine video. Legendary.  Last night was painful seeing him tugging at the jersey of Jamie Vardy, losing every single aerial duel, chasing shadows for 90 minutes was [like the entire liverpool performance] embarrassing.  Brain Freeze moment : We have Joe Gomez and Ragnar Klavan on the bench, actual centre backs. Mind boggling.

The Holiday in La Manga now seems to have flopped spectacularly. Klopp called it a “mini pre season” but all that will be remembered for is the cycling pics that now, in hindsight, actually look rather comical.

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