Emre Can shows he still has something to offer the Liverpool midfield

Emre Can shows he still has something to offer the Liverpool midfield

Liverpool’s win over Arsenal on Saturday was filled with a lot of standout performances and memorable moments. Sadio Mane was rightly lauded for yet another goal, Roberto Firmino looked back to his best and Adam Lallana was praised for the fact he was practically everywhere throughout the match.

Reds boss Jurgen Klopp even reserved special praise for the latter in his post match interview.

“When we are compact, it is really nice to have Adam because he jumps out of compact formations and triggers the pressure or sets the tone”
“The problem is in a few games when we have not been compact and Adam does the same, he opens a gap for the opponent, then it’s a one-on-one in a big area. Stability is the base for everything and we wanted to be stable. We worked really well in these parts together and Adam, it is nice to have him in this role.”

It was a reminder from numerous players that they do have it in them to replicate their early season form and their performances as of late are not the norm. One player whose contribution in the 3-1 win went under the radar was Emre Can.

The German has come in for a lot of criticism lately for a variety of reasons. Some fans dislike him because James Pearce of the Liverpool Echo claimed he was asking for more than the club were willing to offer. Others simply think he’s not good enough and doesn’t warrant the hype that surrounds him. Their mind was well and truly made up and you’re not changing it anytime soon so it’s foolish to even attempt to do so.

He undoubtedly struggled in the defeat to Leicester City but what Liverpool player didn’t? It’s all about how you bounce back and did so emphatically to put in yet another eye-catching performance against one of the top four rivals.

He put in a performance against Manchester City in the 1-0 win and then was arguably the Man of the Match in the 1-1 draw with Manchester United. He’s now added to those two performances with one against Arsenal at the heart of the midfield in the absence of captain Jordan Henderson.

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