Rush: Ronnie made me the player I was, it’s as simple as that

22nd March 2017

Ian Rush recalls the first occasion he met Ronnie Moran with a smile – though it wasn’t exactly an enjoyable experience at the time.

Aged 19, the Welshman had just joined Liverpool from Chester City with a hefty pricetag around his neck and plenty to prove, and his first training session at Melwood left him in no doubt as to what was required.

That is largely because he had a certain first-team coach reminding him – very loudly – from the off of the incredibly high standards set at his new club.

Rush remembers: “I’d signed for Liverpool as a teenager, it was a world record [fee] for a teenager, and he just absolutely hammered me!

“It wasn’t the good things I did, it was the bad things I did, he’d [concentrate] on that. He kept saying, ‘You’ve got to do this, you’ve got to do that’. I was very shy then, and I was going, ‘I’m going to prove to you I’m better than you’re saying’.

“I was shooting and he’d say pass, I was passing and he’d say shoot. He was getting the mental toughness into you – what he wanted was the best for Liverpool Football Club. That’s all Ronnie Moran wanted, nothing else.

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