Nathaniel’s DeClyne: The Reds’ Right-Back’s Struggles

Nathaniel's DeClyne: The Reds' Right-Back's Struggles

He was the guy who graced thousands of Fantasy league teams. The man who would defend like a spartan, burst forward down the right flank, whipping in crosses all game and scoring one or two every now and then.

Nathaniel  Clyne…. of Southampton Football Club.

It was his outstanding pace, defensive solidity and brilliant attacking instincts which caught the eye of Liverpool FC. After having had Glen Johnson faffing on the right side of the back line for years, it had seemed, at that time, that Liverpool had finally grabbed someone that would solve some of the then blatant holes in the team.

On 1 July 2015, Liverpool confirmed the signing of Clyne from Southampton for £12.5 million on a five-year contract.
Fans were ecstatic. The manager was too. All was RIGHT with the world.

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