Lovren and Sakho – A Tale of Two Defenders

Lovren and Sakho - A Tale of Two Defenders

Well that wasn’t fun.

There’s a term used in footballing circles known as ‘doing a Spurs.’ This involves playing magnificent football, getting closer to closer to shiny things only to bottle it and fall on their faces when it comes down to it. Take last season. They should be runners-up to Leicester City but lost their way and ended up being pipped by their greatest rivals.

Ah, that reminds me. Arsenal.

There’s also a thing called ‘doing an Arsenal.’ This points to their propensity to go out of every competition in the same week, usually in late March, when they’ve been great for months and months. Usually due to their ill-luck in facing Barcelona or Bayern Munich in the Champions League. They’re the classic hangover side. If they lose one they’ll lose the next one too. Heads go.

This week saw ‘Do a Liverpool’ enter common parlance. Top four sides? Yep, bring them on by the score and we’ll batter them. Two hard away games? No problem. Six points out of six. A Palace side run by a man who has never won at Anfield? Help yourself, lads.

This is not a modern phenomenon. In 2005 we beat Real Madrid 4-0, went to the home of the future champions and bested them 4-1 and still managed to lose to Middlesbrough in those handful of days.

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